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現場力を考える-⑨ 直感力と鍛錬方法 / Thinking about Business Capability - 9 Intuition and Training Methods


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Tittle : Have you ever had the experience of intuitively feeling good or bad one day?

I don't know why, but I know I'm right. That is intuition. This power is defined here as intuition. Intuition can be developed through daily experience and thought.

We live our lives using the right brain and the left brain alternately. The left brain is responsible for conceptual thinking, language, calculation, and theory, etc. The right brain, on the other hand, is responsible for imagery and other sensory functions. However, when the right brain is involved, we are able to intuitively compare our past experiences and make decisions instantly.

As a way to develop your abilities, you can strengthen them by gaining various experiences in the field. However, if you don't look at things from different perspectives, or if you don't constantly keep in mind the process and necessity of work in your brain, you won't be able to strengthen your abilities over the years. When the brain is given a task, it tries to answer it in the background. In other words, a person with a strong awareness of problems will have a stronger and stronger brain and will be able to achieve great results. Ideally, the right brain and left brain should work in balance.

Incidentally, people who are often said to have weak flexibility in their thinking are generally said to have weak right brain function. (The creativity of the right brain is not being exercised).

In contrast, if your left brain is weak, your logical thinking is weak and you are likely to be told that you don't talk to people. On the other hand, if it is too strong, you tend to be someone who cannot read the mood of a place or understand people's feelings. (The right brain is the brain of the senses, so it also plays a role in reading emotions.)




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