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令和3年も残すところあと僅か/ Only a few hours left in 2021


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Titlle : What kind of growth have you experienced this year?

The year 2021 is coming to an end in a blink of an eye. I would like to briefly look back on this year. There were two major changes this year.

The first is the amount of reading. The amount of books I read has increased. I read 89 books a year, which is an average of 7 books a month. By reading a lot of books, I have improved my information processing ability and increased the breadth and depth of my knowledge.

The second is to develop thinking skills to enhance output. In other words, make it your own. Normally, memorized knowledge is difficult to apply. This is why this kind of work is necessary. It requires continuous effort, but I believe it will be a great asset in the long run.

The above two points have changed in particular. I would like to continue to strengthen the skills I need at the right time on an ongoing basis. My dream for the future is to run a business, as I mentioned in the first article of my blog. I am steadily building up the preparations for this.