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KY人材の原因 共感力を鍛えよ!それは人間が生まれ持った優れた能力 記事No.405 / Empathy is a superior ability that we are born with Article No. 405


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Tittle:If you can think about things from the other person's point of view, it can be a very powerful weapon.

There are a variety of abilities that we are born with, but one that is particularly powerful at work is the ability to see things from the other person's perspective. In other words, it is the ability to empathize.

Innovation is the point at which this empathy can be utilized. In order to innovate, you need to feel something that is not yet available in the market and give it shape. There are many seeds of innovation lying around you, so why don't you look for them? Of course, your empathy will not grow unless you polish it every day.

Recently, AI has become a hot topic, but at the moment, only humans can bring about innovation. In other words, it is a difficult area for AI. The future of human resources will be won by those who can think about what to do and come up with an answer. In the Japanese style of education, school is a place where answers are taught. Companies are an extension of this, hiring new graduates and mass producing cookie-cutter human resources in a manual manner. As a result, the salary system has become flat, and the same is true for society as a whole. In such a social environment, it is difficult for us to change the environment ourselves. However, we can change ourselves. For this reason, we need to enjoy thinking, question things with a childlike mind, and become people who can open up new avenues by using thinking techniques. We don't want to be paid more, but we want to be trusted to take care of high-value tasks and complete them even when the going gets tough. If you do this, your salary will inevitably rise. If you don't have trust, your salary will never go up. If the environment in your current company is not good, you need to think about moving to a stage where you can make the most of your abilities. In fact, stepping up is a common way of thinking about human resources in other countries. Therefore, companies pay high salaries in order to secure good human resources, which is the fundamental difference between Japan and other countries. In return, low performers get fired quickly...

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