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今年も年収4桁達成? 新年(2022年)寅年初ブログ / Celebrating the New Year (2022) with my first blog in the Year of the Tiger


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Titlle : Happy New Year to you all.

Have you set your goals for this year? I set my goals as strengthening my language skills and continuing from last year to improve my reading comprehension, thinking skills, and knowledge through reading. After all, when working overseas, if you don't have a high level of language skills, there will be a waste of time due to communication errors. I am feeling this every day. Personally, I find it difficult to listen to people of Indian descent, especially because of their machine-gun talk. However, there is a Broken English that is unique to each region, so I think the real people are the ones who can communicate while understanding those as well.

Also, people who are interesting to talk to are those who have knowledge and information that I don't have and also have clear ideas. People who are constantly thinking and interacting with their own will, and whose ideas are mature, are easy to recognize when they are talking. I think it is very important for working people to keep this kind of cycle going.


The new coronavirus is still having a big impact this year. My own work has also been greatly affected. However, I am trying to enjoy my work with positive thinking instead of pessimism. Last week, when I looked at my total salary for last year, I was able to exceed 10 million yen in annual income. That's about 3.6% of all salaried workers in Japan. The results will come later. However, I don't feel that I can afford to live like this.


Finally, this may sound a bit religious, but since the end of last year, I have been able to grasp the principles of the world and work. I can't express it in words, but I feel the dots are connecting and the results of my past actions are steadily increasing. I will write more about this later.




The first book of the year (Right Brain Thinking). I like Mr. Kazunari Uchida because he has an interesting point of view.

Formerly with the Boston Consulting Group, he was selected as one of the "25 Leading Consultants in the World" by Consulting Magazine in 2006.