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眼精疲労で鬱リスク 自律神経の不調に発展 記事No.400 Beware of eyestrain. It may cause autonomic nervous system problems Article number 400


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Titlle : Eye strain is bad for the whole body

Today's people regularly overuse their eyes by working at desks for long hours or checking their smartphones. As a result, eye strain can lead to disorders that affect the entire body.

The mechanism of the eyes is to switch between sympathetic nervous system when looking at nearby objects and parasympathetic nervous system when looking at distant objects. Incidentally, depressed people do not seem to be able to switch between the two.

Eye strain is caused by prolonged desk work, and this focusing function (nerve switching) is not adapted to modern life (as a result of evolution without assuming such life). If left untreated, the autonomic nervous system becomes exhausted, the blood pressure rises abnormally, and the sympathetic nervous system becomes highly tense, causing fatigue to accumulate, resulting in stagnant blood flow and tissue destruction.


The only way to prevent these problems is to take adequate breaks.


If you are working at a desk and experience headaches, stiff neck and shoulders, and irritability, be careful to take breaks at appropriate times, as they are most likely caused by imbalances in the autonomic nervous system, which automatically regulates body functions. In addition, when taking a break, make sure to move your body to improve blood flow and prevent oxygen deprivation. The key is to look at things in the distance.




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