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A story about an architect engineer working abroad, between us. I grew up watching my parents' backs and became an engineer. I joined a general contractor as a new graduate and found it interesting and rewarding to cooperate with many people to complete a project. In the future, I would like to contribute to the development of the construction industry by building up my skills. 海外で働く建築エンジニアのここだけの話。 親の背中を見て育ち気づけば、土建屋になっていました。新卒でゼネコンに入り大勢の人と協力し一つのモノをつくる面白さとやりがいを感じ、現在は、発注者の立場でプロジェクトオーナー。将来的には、力を付けて建設業界の発展に貢献したいと思ってます。 ◎月のアクセス数:2018.4時点 1.5万程度 ◎建築についての情報交換等歓迎です ◎問い合わせはお気軽に
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