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Life is about how you minimize regrets before your lifespan

Recently, I watched a documentary that made me think about some things and I wrote them down. I don't often think about these things when I am alive, but I believe that being aware of them will change my behavior somewhat.

What do people regret when they die?

 People who have experienced end-of-life care for a long time have a common regret. They say they regret the following

・ I should have lived an honest life.

・ I should have communicated my feelings more.

・ I shouldn't have worked so hard. I should have spent more time with my loved ones.

 ・I shouldn't have bothered so much.

・ I should have shown my feelings more without worrying about what others thought.

・ I should have kept in touch with my friends.

・ I should have made myself happier and taken better care of myself.

・ I should have been more adventurous.

Nothing about money is relevant there. All I can say is that you were honest about your feelings, etc.

Life is a series of present moments. Today, I am reminded once again that we can live a fulfilling life depending on our awareness of how we live in the present and how we make it enjoyable and meaningful. Courage is only for a moment, regret lasts a lifetime
I want to enjoy the present moment as much as I can. The language of lotus flowers is purity of heart and rest. And actions will eventually bloom and change.