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March news is Tower Investment Advisors' Kiyohara publishes book

On the first of this month, Mr. Tatsuo Kiyohara, who made Tower Investment Advisors famous, published a book. I got to know him about 15 years ago when a senior colleague at my company told me about him. And I was monitoring his movements and so on. He is also a high profile person in my opinion, as I see his office when I plan to go near Tower Investment Advisors.
I am very interested in this book because he reveals his investment techniques now that he has decided to retire. I am looking forward to it as I plan to buy the book tomorrow as soon as possible.
I would recommend him to anyone who is interested, especially to those who started their stock trading with Nisa which is Japan's Tax Exemption Policy for Stock Income. His personal assets exceed 80 billion yen. He, a legendary businessman investor who once ranked No. 1 on Japan's list of the country's longest-serving businessmen.


The Japanese stock market is increasing these days.

This is yesterday's headline news topic that stock prices in Japan have risen to more than 40,000 yen which is the best amount since opened that market. That rate of increase is 20% and good record in the world. The reason why low currency values and interest rates and the phasing out of deflation. As a result, most Japanese companies improved their corporate earnings so that investors from all over the world evaluate them and are actively buying stock in Japan.