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It's time to change jobs, and the game is on until your late 30s

Since the beginning of this year, I have been happily receiving job offers from various companies. I have realized that overseas experience is a strong asset! I realized once again that Japan is an island country and the absolute number of overseas human resources is small. I can get into a good company without much competition. I have received offers from foreign companies, with annual salaries from 15 million yen, and I feel the power of these companies. As I always say in my blog, English is a real weapon. Also, if you study hard, you will see results. And since it is easily reflected in salary, the investment efficiency is very good. I strongly recommend all of you to start. Several of my colleagues are graduating at the end of this month and moving on to new environments. As I see it, I feel that career change can be divided into three patterns. There are three reasons why people are interested in this type of work: first, those who have clear goals, etc.; second, those who are uncertain about their future at their current workplace; third, due to salary or workplace relationships; and fourth, those who are looking for a new job, but are not sure what to do with it. Although there are various reasons, looking at what has happened since then, I feel that with regard to 1, they are continuing to work lively; with regard to 2, I feel that many of them are saying that the environment is about the same or worse. And the third, I feel that they are repeatedly changing jobs like migratory birds in a span of 2 to 3 years. There is no right answer for either, but one suggestion I have is to find what you can learn at your current company, and after training to improve yourself, you may consider the next step. Of course, that means achieving high results. Surprisingly, if you work hard, people will be watching you and things will turn out well at some point. And just when people think they are ready, at some point a fatal mistake or downfall can occur. Those who are ready then will be the winners.