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意識するだけで評価を得られる 仕事で信頼を得て信頼される人になるために / To gain trust and become a trusted person at work.


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2020年第61回BCS賞受賞作品 (一般社団法人日本建設業連合会)



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Title : To gain trust and become a trusted person at work.

Make the essence of gaining trust at work a habit.

I've learned through various books and lectures, and I've tried to summarize the common contents among them. This time, I would like to share with you the essence of how to win trust at work. There are five points that I want to intentionally incorporate in my daily work.

1) Think big and wide
2) Focus on results
3) Objective thinking
4) Find the problem
5) Sense of self-importance

There are many other candidates, but if there are too many, we won't be able to do them in the end, so I chose five items that are easy to work on.


1)To think big means to make grand plans. In other words, it means making grand plans that cannot be achieved through conventional methods. This is because it requires new ideas and concepts. As a result, the way you work will change and chemical changes will occur.

2)It is too obvious to say that we should focus on results, but if there is even the slightest compromise, we will unconsciously compromise our actions. To prevent this from happening, we make our actions more tense by pursuing results.

3)Purposeful thinking means to find a purpose in every action. For example, if you just do what you are told, you will miss the opportunity to create new value and eliminate unnecessary work. Also, if you become a manager in the future, there is a risk that you will become like a robot who cannot think about your own work without realizing it.

4)Finding out what the problem is may seem simple, but if you don't practice it in your daily work, you will not be able to improve your ability for a long time. What is the real issue? It is necessary to train yourself like a muscle trainer on a daily basis. Incidentally, even large companies sometimes set the wrong issues in their decision making process.

5)Self-importance has many factors, but here it is simply believing in yourself. Confidence without evidence is also important in a sense.


Be aware of the above and actively raise your hand for internal projects and new businesses. And do it. These results and your work attitude will lead to trust, and as a result, you will be able to achieve self-fulfillment and do what you want through your work. Even if the results are not satisfactory, the experience gained from taking on challenges will lead to great learning and trust.
By the way, your boss should not be a judge. You have to be a cheerleader for your subordinates. The important thing is to believe in success.


A related and important aspect is motivation management.
If motivation does not last, it is better to manage motivation in terms of hope, fulfillment, and relationships. The points should be designed so that you can see and feel them. It is also effective to find someone who can serve as an example and set your mind on what you can learn from them.


The following site must have had a lot of difficulties. I personally love buildings that are unique and original rather than buildings with similar shapes and specifications. (Apart from convenience).




Academic Arc at Ibaraki Sojiji Campus
The 61st BCS Award Winner in 2020 (Japan Construction Federation)
This is an award that I have won in the past.