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出勤日数11日のみ 過去最小日数を更新 記事No.5 / 11 days of work last month, the smallest number of days ever recorded Article No. 5


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Tittle : new record for the shortest time

It has already been a month since the construction was completed. As a result of using a lot of paid vacations, I was able to work for 11 days last month.
This is the most days I have taken off in my working life.

I have more than 25 days of paid vacation left, and I set a "goal" to use it up before my next project.
Traveling is the best way to spend a vacation, rather than lazing around at home.




However, I am a little concerned about the fact that construction projects often start suddenly and can't be predicted until a month ahead. Also, June is a good time to visit as airfare and accommodation prices go up in July, which is the high season in Japan.