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そろそろ夏。熱中症対策してますか? / It's almost summer. Are you prepared for heat stroke?


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これだけ、様々な概念からなる温度がある。 少し頭の片隅に、置いておくと良いでしょう。




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Title:Hard season

June is summer and half the year has already passed, making it a harsh season for field technicians.

Recently, the number of hot regions is increasing all over the country, and in addition, the heat island effect is making urban centers more and more severe.

Temperatures are felt differently under different conditions. For this reason, weather forecasts are not very reliable for field operations.

In other words, mere temperature alone is not enough to make a decision. It is said that for every 1m/s increase in wind speed, the temperature you feel drops by 1℃.

Then there's humidity.
This is a problem.
Sweat does not evaporate due to humidity.
Measurement methods that take these things into account have recently become popular in the field.

The name of the game is WBGT, or the thickness index.
But basically, it doesn't mean much because the value is always abnormal and dangerous in summer. Therefore, the only way is to prepare and improve the work environment.

In addition, from the perspective of building science, effective temperature, modified effective temperature, new effective temperature, working temperature, standard new effective temperature, expected average temperature and declaration of cold

There are so many different temperatures consisting of so many different concepts. It is a good idea to keep a few in mind, in a corner of your mind.
But the basic measure against the heat is salt and hydration.
Are you drinking water properly?