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初記事と自己紹介について 記事No.1 / About the first article and self-introduction


English text is at the bottom of the page.

職   業:建築技術者 

特   技:人間観察・将来への妄想

趣   味:読書・さすらいの旅 





The following is in English

Title: About the first article and self-introduction

I will write a blog as a memorandum of architectural life

Job: Construction engineer
Special skill: Human observation / delusion for the future
Hobbies: Reading and wandering trips

I will record my own growth record as a blog. It also serves as a memorandum of construction-related knowledge! If you introduction myself as a self-in one word, I'm a pretty maniac . For those in their 30s, My new goal is to make various friends!
In the future, I want to pursue new possibilities in architecture, not construction management. Specific details are under consideration.